Driving Directons



The Marion Soccer Complex is 3.2 miles east from the Interstate 57 exchange.

  1. From Interstate 57 (Main Street Exit - 53), go east toward the town of Marion at the Interstate 57 - Main Street intersection. You will be heading East on West Main Street, which will eventually change into East Main Street.

  2. Continue to drive past the town's square, which you will have to veer right (half way around the square). You will continue to drive in the same direction as you have been driving, after you pass this town's square.

  3. Continue straight or east on E. Main Street. After 3.2 miles from the Interstate 57 exchange, you will see the Marion Soccer Complex on the right hand or south side of East Main Street. You will have to turn right on Valentine Lane, and again right on George Sims Road, which will take you to the parking lot of the Marion Soccer Complex.